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  1. Achievement as a Lecturer of the HCMC University of Technology

a. Giving lectures on 22 courses.

b. Having written 24 books

c. Having written 20 journal/conference papers and 53 web papers

d. Having participated 9 projects as the Project Leader or Member

e. Short Course Training on 9 subjects.

  1. Achievement as the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (2002-2007)

a. Built the Faculty Organization & Set up Job description for members

b. Faculty Strategic Planning & Implementation (2002-2007)

c. Annual, Semester, Monthly Planning & Weekly Scheduling.

d. Faculty Introduction: Faculty Folder, Brochure, Web Development.

e. Set up the Faculty Network of around 50 companies & academic organizations

f.  The head of the Faculty Quality Assurance Unit

g. The coordinator of the Faculty Self Assessment Program

h. The coordinator of the annual Faculty Green Summer Campaigns

i.  The president of all Faculty Student-Affair-Related Committees

  1. Achievement as the Head of the Department of Industrial Systems Engineering (2007-2012)

a. Member in the project of Opening the ISE Program in HCMCUT in 1998.

b. Member in the project of ISE Frame Program Development for the Department of Education and Training.

c. Leader & manager of the Project of ISE Curriculum Improvement in HCMUT, in 2007

d. Building the Department Organization (2007-2012)

e. Department Strategic Planning & Implementation (2007-2012)

f.  Department Human Resource Development:

- Recruitment of 6 Department Staffs (P.Quyen, P.Dung, V.Hai, H. Phuc, H.Anh, V.Thanh)

- Letter of Recommendation for oversea learning for 4 Staffs (P.Nguyen, M.Ha, P.Quyen, P.Dung).

g. Setting up the Department Network of around 100 companies.

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